Accredited for playground surfacing and determination of critical fall height to AS4422 Playground surfacing - Specifications, requirements and test method
 Acousto-Scan is an independent testing institute accredited by NATA in Australia to the requirements of ISO 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories”. 

This facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005

1.91I Vibration measuring and calibrating equipment [In-House Calibration]

.01I Vibration transducers [In-House Calibration]

Accelerometers of mass up to 12 grams

By comparison method with least uncertainties of measurement of - 1.5% within the following ranges:

at a level of 1 ms2 for frequencies between 5 Hz and 20 Hz

at levels up to 10 ms2 for frequencies from above 20 Hz and 3.3 kHz

at levels up to 2500 ms2 for frequencies between 300 Hz and 550 Hz

by a 1g inversion test (zero frequency)

with least uncertainties of measurement of - 1.5%

.02I Vibration measuring systems [In-House Calibration]

Calibration of the Uniaxe System, which include accelerometers, for compliance to the requirements of AS 4422 and ISO 6487 channel frequency class (CFC) 1000 Hz,

for maximum deceleration (G-max) and Head Impact Criteria (HIC) with least uncertainties of measurement of -

1.5% from 5 Hz to below 3300 Hz

1.6% for G-max between 0 and 250 g

4.1% for HIC between 0 and 3000 HIC

3.76 Mechanical vibration  .02 Transient vibration

Tests on impact attenuation surfaces and determination of critical fall height Laboratory testing and on-site testing by the methods of - AS/NZS 4422

13.99 Other materials and products

Testing of artificial sports surfaces in the laboratory and on-site Tests performed at ambient temperature and humidity

Vertical ball rebound - FIFA test method 01 and EN 12235

Ball roll - FIFA test method 03 and EN 12234

SCOPE OF ACCREDITATION - No. 14383 Page 1 of 2

Shock absorption - FIFA test methods04a

Standard vertical deformation - FIFA test method 05a

Rotational resistance - FIFA test method 06 and EN 15031

Surface regularity - FIFA test method 12 and EN 13036-7

Energy of restitution - FIFA Test method 11 and IRB (International Rugby Board) section 7



2. AFL/CA:   Australian Football League / Cricket Australia (AFL/CA)

 Laboratory and Field Test Institute.



3. FIFA Federation Internationale de Football Associations (FIFA)

Field Test Institue


4.FIH Federation Internationale de Hockey (FIH)

Laboraory and Field test institue

5. IRB International Rugby Board (IRB)

Field test institue

6. International Tennis Federation (ITF)

Field Test Institue One Star


As a Test Institute Acoustoscan is on the technical commitee for all the sports bodies

 and is activlty involved in the developemnt of the specifications and test methods.



ISSS is an International Association of technical experts involved in the investigation,

 development and testing of sports surfaces.


Institue of Public works Engineering Australasia representative for standards Australia on CS005


Standards Australia Playgrounds CS005 Technical Commitee

On the technical committee for the developing the playgrounds stantards CS005 :AS4685 pt 1-11, AS4422

Sport and Play Industry Body

The Sports and Play Industry Association is the peak industry body for sports and recreation construction in Australasia.

Grant Humphreys is on the Board

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