Federation International of Football Associations

FIFA has established a network of accredited laboratories for the purpose of testing and certifying the compliance of synthetic soccer pitches.

Acousto-Scan Pty Ltd is one of these accredited laboratory and offers a testing service on a world wide basis.

Testing of synthetic soccer pitches is carried out by the Laboratory to the specifications contained in the FIFA Standard

Acousto-Scan is accredited as a Field Test Institute.

FIFA Quality Programe for Football Turf FIFA Field Testing Manual, 2015


FIFA Recommended Quality Pro (Two Star)

FIFA Recommended Two Star certification is valid for twelve months


Following the decision of the International Football Association Board in July 2004 to introduce artificial surfaces into the Laws of The Game the FIFA Quality Concept has been further developed by introducing two categories of performance. 

FIFA Recommended Two Star is the professional category and has been established to ensure fields meeting it replicate the playing qualities of the best quality natural turf pitches. This category is intended for clubs and national federation teams wishing to play competitive matches subject to the relevant competition rules allowing the use of Football Turf or undertake training on Football Turfs.

FIFA Recommended Quality (One Star)

FIFA Recommended One Star certification is valid for four years 

The FIFA Recommended One Star category has slightly wider bands of acceptability and is primarily aimed at organisations wishing to provide facilities for training and community use, although fields meeting this category of performance may also be used for competitive play (subject to the relevant competition rules).


The relevant tests can be summarised from the Manual as follows.

Player/Surface Interaction

Determination of ball rebound (FIFA Test Method 01)

Determination of Angle Ball Rebound (FIFA Test Method 02)

Determination of Ball Roll (FIFA Test Method 03)

Determination of Shock Absorption (FIFA Test Method 04a) AAA

Determination of Standard Vertical Deformation (FIFA Test Method 05a)

Determination of Energy of Restitution (FIFA Test Method 11)

Determination of Rotational Resistance (FIFA Test Method 06)

Determination of Linear Friction Stud Slide Value & Stud Deceleration Value (FIFA Test Method 07) 

Determination of Skin / Surface Friction (FIFA Test Method 08)

Procedure for simulated mechanical abrasion during use (FIFA Test Method 9) 

Procedure for Artificial Weathering (FIFA Test Method 10)


Constructional Requirements


Test method: EN 22768

Criterion: in any direction < 1.0 %


Test method: EN 22768

Criterion:           0.3 m planometer < 2 mm

                        3.0 m planometer  10 mm


Field tests

For Pitch Compliance testing, arrangements are usually made about 3 months before a pitch is installed, or, if it is an existing pitch, a shorter lead time may be convenient depending on the Laboratory's work load. The testing usually takes about 12  hr on site work and is subject to weather conditions. A report can be obtained within the next two weeks.

The client must supply the FIFA Laboratory Test Number from FIFA for the installed product before field testing will commence.

The test report that will also be forwarded to FIFA, Switzerland for registration.



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